Abadi al-Rubaie calls to accelerate the formation of a technocrat government

called the National Alliance MP Muwaffaq al - Rubaie , Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, to accelerate the formation of a technocrat government.
Rubaie said in a statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "Abadi end this political intersections through the formation of a government of technocrats waiting for all Iraqis to end the state of quotas partisanship and factionalism in the government, which devastated the Iraqi state."
He added that "we need to give priority to public interests on personal and partisan interests, which works by some political blocs against the reforms, so the Abadi choose the appropriate figures , even if there was no one wants to change the ministerial cabin. "
He pointed Rubaie to, that" the real battle for security against terrorist Daash all the takfiri groups , gangs Wahhabism, not a political battle between the blocks to control the power and privileges that go with the upcoming reforms. "
It is said that the political scene in Iraq is witnessing bickering and differences in views between the forces on several files highlighted reforms and the ministerial change, but the prime minister Haider al - Abadi has renewed yesterday confirmed to proceed with reforms , "adding that" some people object to the cabinet reshuffle because he would lose his privileges. "
decided the three presidencies meeting with the heads and leaders of political blocs in their meeting on Saturday the formation of the " Committee represented by all political factions and representatives of the three presidencies that would follow up the implementation of the reform measures and alterations ministerial through a week to help the prime minister in a cabinet reshuffle urgently and activate the work of the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption and speed up the resolution of independent bodies files. "
the end Abadi deadline for blocks to submit their candidates for the Ministerial changed on Wednesday after the duration of a week, while MPs close to him talk that the prime minister will be a change to nine ministers Saturday.
experiencing the capital Baghdad , sit - ins at the green Zone gates demanding the implementation of reforms and the ministerial change and the fight against corruption.