CoI Involves 30 Employees from Thiqar Province`s Electoral Office in Educational Seminar

CoI investigation office of Thiqar province organized an educational seminar with cooperation of Al-Haboobi institution for Iraqi youth and students to involve 30 employees of the province`s electoral office. The seminar tackled an explanation for the CoI applicable law No. (30), 2011; CoI work nature, its objects, methods of fighting corruption, achieving transparency mechanism, service prohibitions, ethics and manner that the public service required as well.

The representatives` office of investigations visited Al-Rafidain command operations-Thiqar. They met with the commanders to discuss the security situation in general and security matters concerns the office work and ways of enhancing cooperation with both directorates of the police and FPS. The commander of Al-Rafidain operations expressed his readiness to support the office work from the security side in order to find solutions for obstructs and difficulties that the office faced.