Arab Contractors hold a Conference to discuss investment opportunities in Iraq
March 21, 2016 2 0


Contractors said Arabs, starting with the organizational arrangements to hold an economic Conference discuss investment opportunities in Iraq, scheduled for May next year in Oman, Jordan.

The head of the Union of Arab Contractors Baadshah "Iraqi Arab Conference and exhibition will be held in cooperation with the Ministry of works and housing of Jordan and the Jordan Chamber of Commerce will host the 11 ministers from Iraq and some other relevant actors in Iraq."

"The Conference also includes three days several meetings including completed projects stalled and future projects in Iraq and current and pressing needs."

He said he also will discuss "investment opportunities in Iraq and the role of banks in Arabic and Iraqi reconstruction and investment role and programmes of international organizations operating in Iraq and the role of unions in Arabic and Iraqi reconstruction, investment and reconstruction legislation and investment possibilities of financing and lending institutions in Arabic.

Hammadi noted that "there will be participants from Arab financial institutions at the Conference as well as to discuss several issues including the lifting of tariffs on equipment, labor, money transfer, bank guarantees in Iraq, corporate mergers Arabic for projects in Iraq.

And in between, "the Federation's strategic plan started implementation of its objectives of increasing localization of factories and construction companies Arabic Arabic projects, and try to make the greatest projects in the region, with Arabic, Arab hands."

The head of the Union of Arab contractors that "revolutionized the digital economy now in the Arab world need more Arab solidarity in the construction sector for private sector development," Noting that "there will be broad participation in the Conference for Arabic in companies including Saudi companies".