Three presidencies agree to conduct a cabinet reshuffle within a week

March 20, 2016 14:46

Three presidencies decided at the conclusion of the formation of the first meeting of the two committees to follow up the ministerial reforms and adjustment in a week and the other to communicate with the protesters.
According to an official statement issued by the Presidency of the Republic it was forming a committee represented by all political factions and representatives of the three presidencies that would follow up the implementation of the reform measures and alterations ministerial week and activate the work of the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption and speed up the resolution of independent bodies You were also at the meeting approve the formation of a committee of the two communities and their representatives liaise Palmatsaman, was emphasized at the meeting on the need for the work of the House of Representatives on the completion of stalled and delayed the legislation of laws.
This rolled reactions of the political blocs about what was announced after the three presidencies and political leaders meeting yesterday.
Where House Speaker Salim al - Jubouri confirmed that it was agreed to hold a round of dialogue with the protesters , with an emphasis on the importance of preserving the prestige of the state while the head of the Islamic Supreme Council Ammar al - Hakim stressed the need to move forward with comprehensive reforms in accordance with the program and clear policies with re - examine administrative clades in Iraq starting from the post of the minister to the agents and general managers, while the leader of the Front confirmed Saleh al - Mutlaq dialogue that the meeting of the political blocs praised the high discipline of the demonstrators and reiterated his support for a radical change in the political process , while a coalition of state law , the protestors attacked considered mobility violation of the Constitution and poses a security challenge and a gateway to re - scenario Mosul and Anbar.

Allawi calls for the formation of saving the Council and the involvement of the tribes in the political process

For his part , President of the National Coalition , Iyad Allawi , to form a rescue board to oversee the political process and the formation of a new cabinet of ministers independent of the parties indicated during a press conference to the need to achieve national reconciliation and the abolition of political quota system as well as change the electoral system to ensure the integrity and the enactment of the law of parties , stressing that the previous elections have involved a great imbalance.