With a fragile political situation and the government restricted and threatened and (embankment of God)


Commission threatens national sit-b (civil disobedience) and Yacoubi confirms: Solution early elections
Frankincense calls for al-Sadr to withdraw the protesters from the Green Zone gates because the message has been received
Leaks: Goldfinch prime minister in the event of political change happened and blocks that threaten Abadi did not get (shares)

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Since last Friday, the eighteenth of the current March until Sunday be a sit-in peaceful popular that the cleric Muqtada al-Sadr called on him has entered its third day, which comes in the framework of the Iraqi street pressure to demand that Mr. Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi to conduct radical reforms and the fight against financial and administrative corruption. . We have been able sitters Friday morning to reach the rims front of the green zone after they were able to pass the wired barriers and point the sign that the security forces, particularly the Iraqi army has expressed sympathy marked with the protesters and acted wisely as some wanted the malevolent and arsonists that there is a swamp of blood, which only needs for firing a shot only one of the security forces, but God pay was as wrong, and in this context, he said the Liberal block the protesters in front of the green Zone gates will continue to sit until the implementation of their demands in accordance with the deadline set by Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr to the government by the end of this period the end of this month, while threatened a number followers of the Sadrist movement civil disobedience if the government did not respond to the demands of their leader, Mr. Sadr over confirmed that they wait for the green light from it to start with, the MP said the Liberal block Majid Ghraoui that citizens protested outside the gates of the green Zone since Friday by declaring Mr. Kadhim al-Issawi Associate jihadist Mr. Sadr said, adding that the protesters will continue Batsamanm until they meet their demands, which is to hold government reforms at a time when President invited independent parliamentary bloc honest frankincense Mr. Muqtada al-Sadr to issue an order to the protestors to withdraw from the green Zone gates because the situation does not bear the escalation of any party, said chewing gum that the presence of the protesters in green Zone gates have alarmed the people of Baghdad and fear what might happen in the future, pointing out that the sit-ins have brought the message to the government and all the political blocs also called frankincense Abadi accelerated the introduction of reforms and a cabinet reshuffle demanded political blocs in joint collaboration for the adoption of important laws as soon as possible, and in this context stressed the religious authority, Sheikh Mohammed al-Yacoubi that one of the solutions that are possible, put forward on reforms is to hold early elections after the formation of a genuine independent election Commission of national professionals objective, as well as amending the election law, and in the midst of the scene also reported leaks that some parties submitted their candidate Hazem Al Hassoun for prime minister in the event of a change of Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, while suggesting to the reservation of the National Alliance on Hassoun, according to leaks that a number of leaders met informally with some of the leaders of the National Alliance for the boot to put Hassoun prime minister while logistical Saad stressed that some political blocs Abadi threatened to stand against technocrat government if it did not give them enough stakes in the new ministerial cabin.