(New evidence) calls for the board integrity publish the names of ministers and those with special grades arrest warrants issued against them


It announced that the board of integrity (18) ministers and more than 100 people from the special grades were issued arrest warrants against them during 2015 and that the implementation of arrest warrants amounted to 40%. The head of the body was Hassan al-Yassiri said the arrest warrants issued by the board of integrity based on the cases referred to was (in 2719) ordered executed them by the executive authorities (772) an order indicating that the number of orders that have not been implemented by these entities was (in 1146) an order that what indeed regrettable that the head of the body was Hassan al-Yassiri did not specify the names of ministers by name so he knew people did not also specify special grades percent owners .. (new evidence) demanding the name of the people publish the names of all those who have been sentenced warrants But this way of opacity and Tmtmh are rejected and raises a lot of question marks .. we hope to hear or recognize the names of the people stolen in broad daylight.