Relationship: the selection Committee selected technocrats and international standards

2016-03-20 05:37:31 | (Voice of Iraq) Baghdad--Omar Abdel Latif

Director of the Office of the Prime Minister, Mahdi Al-Alaq, a selection Committee candidates "technocrats" will at least two candidates for ministerial positions, in order to allow the Prime Minister to choose the best of them, asserting that the calendar field will pan, after the failure of the editorial calendar, which began last year, according to a prepared form.

The change plan

Alak said during a seminar hosted by the progress of the Institute for development policy, to view the details of a Government plan for a cabinet reshuffle expected reforms, and attended "morning" that "the criteria for the selection of the members of the Council of Ministers, technocrats are based on international documents," try putting some ingredients or the basic principles in the document, such as strategic thinking or approaches of participation and performance excellence, adding that officially launched the standards, both in the same efficient delivery of nomination to the Committee of experts.

He said the relationship, there is a conventional nomination process using forms and attach with CVS, with the Committee of experts will endeavour to study these bots and explore information and conduct the interview after completing a brief list of titles which amounts to a level of competition, indicating that these preliminary forms and maybe some terms to be adapted in the context of the national situation and privacy, but we tried to adopt international standards should be available, numbers and nominations down to the calendar of each candidate in such private interviews, stating that All fully completed.

The Committee of experts

He said that relations between the Committee of experts selected Prime Minister met with its members less than a week ago and is continuing its work, noting that it will begin tomorrow, "today" curriculum, and are guided by and benefit from those files, but is not obliged, as perhaps her viewpoint both forms or principles, but at least it will be them documents blog and leave her a choice of air-conditioning or adjustment commensurate with our current position.

And between the Director of the Office of the Prime Minister, that the Committee should submit its observations objectively and without interference by any side, pointing to the existence of a proposal to provide the Committee with the number of ministries candidates multiplier at least two for each Department, so that the Prime Minister put the final list, so everyone should be assured that choices based on solid grounds, noting that after the label, there would be roles for Government, the Cabinet and the full details of the role of Government Ministers, adding that the Committee has identified some perceptions about their powers "Prime Minister" And existing legislation and key areas on ministerial responsibility, including national policy and policy requirements to proceed with the national Government and internal link between the ministries and the Ministry's budget.

Quarterly calendar

He confirmed the relationship, the need for quarterly calendar or to Ministers or ministries, pointing out that this principle has been working eight months ago, prepared forms for calendar started from the Minister and the Inspector General of financial control, integrity and service follow-up and coordination of the General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers.

He acknowledged the relationship, that lack of attention to follow-up, was one of the weaknesses of the Government's performance, noting the development plans, strategies and programmes, but, pending its entry into force become a rigid routine performance, whereas one of the requirements of Government, the calendar is being transparent and thorough evaluation.

He noted the relationship, he met with experts from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and agree with them on a different perspective, is to start on the basis of field ministries calendar.
He said Chief الوزراءمهدي relationship, the higher Committee to develop criteria for the selection of staff in the higher grades, as undersecretaries, directors, advisers had completed work to develop precise criteria for dealing with this file, and submit it to the Prime Minister by more than two months, indicating that the Prime Minister agreed and requested briefing political blocs, "Prime Minister" much pressure towards resolving file agents and general managers by using the principle of quotas and balance, however, this viewer, refusing to skip this important

And at the Centre of the fight against corruption, the relationship to the formation of the High Council to combat corruption, which has 12 important concerns are all the subject of combating and preventing corruption and put key rings to get rid of it, as well as a study prepared for review at the offices of public inspectors will go on board meeting during the next two weeks.