Najib: the old laws hinder maximizing state resources
at 11:38 (Baghdad time)
Special - balances News
The Commission on the economy and investment representative, Saturday, that the policies and plans adopted by the government to expand the Muadr Iraqi economy needs a long time.
He said committee member Najiba Najib, L / balance News /, "The wrong policies in the conduct of the Iraqi economic system still followed," noting "there are a lot of capable economic resources to stimulate the state budget do not always get the attention of any government."
Najib added that "plans and procedures for the time being by the state is weak," indicating that "to maximize the resources of the local economy needs a long time to take a real role," noting, "It's not based on the vision of a professional as far as the size of the existing crisis."
Najib stressed that "the security and political workers and the absence of appropriate economic legislation as a result of the parliamentary existing conflicts impact negatively on the development of the Iraqi economy negatively."
It is said that Iraq is going through a financial crisis due to lower international oil prices, while observers and specialists in economic affairs stressed the need to activate the other Kalsnaaah and agricultural sectors of the economy and not rely exclusively on Alinvt.anthy
By: Ahmed Zmim