Maliki is the godfather of the call Sheikh Zuhairi after exposing corruption files run
Dated: Saturday 03/19/2016
A source close to State of Law coalition leader Nuri al - Maliki, the latter farther negotiator Dawa Party , Sheikh Abdul - Halim al - Zuhairi after revealing files corruption networks was administered Zuhairi personally.
The source said the "State of Law coalition leader Nuri al - Maliki decided to remove Sheikh Abdul - Halim al - Zuhairi, which was known previously Barab call for the negotiations currently taking place between the political blocs to choose a government of technocrats party. "
the source added that" Maliki 's decision came against the backdrop detect corrupted files and evidence condemns Zuhairi during the last period, which led to high inflation in the financial wealth through taking it Kmhnat for projects the money from the sale of the positions of the leaders of the security and other influential people in the ministries. "