The text of the statement of the three presidencies meeting with the leaders of blocs and political parties [Extended]

2016/3/19 21:16

The text of the statement of the three presidencies meeting with the leaders of blocs and political parties [Extended]
[Oan- Baghdad]
An emergency meeting of the three presidencies with the leaders of blocs and political parties at the invitation of President Fuad Masum, Saturday afternoon, in the Peace Palace in Baghdad.
According to a presidential statement received by all of Iraq [where] a copy of it, that "At the outset of the meeting alive attendees victory of our heroine in Anbar and Mosul and cutouts other and expressed their emphasis on stand strong will and Dolly citizens in Taza who faced brutal crimes committed by terrorists, as was emphasized the need to maintain the security of the capital Baghdad and limiting arms possession and security forces. "
He added that "The meeting focused on the political and administrative reform and the fight against corruption and the ministerial amendment issues and to express their respect for the popular will as represented by demonstrations and sit-ins in the country since July last year and is still ongoing."
He pointed to the "formation of a committee represented by all political factions and representatives of the three presidencies that would follow up the implementation of the reform measures and alterations cabinet in a week to help the prime minister in a cabinet reshuffle urgently and activate the work of the Supreme Council for the fight against corruption and speed up the resolution of independent bodies Files".
The statement continued, "was also at the meeting approve the formation of a committee of the two communities and their representatives to liaise with leaders of the parties to the national demonstrations to understand the demands and express them in practice in the Commission's work in coordination with the government and the House of Representatives."
He pointed out that "it was stressed at the meeting on the need for the work of the House of Representatives on the completion of stalled and delayed legislation and laws so as to help in the promotion and Ayijiba pace of reform."
He said the presidential statement that "these measures is an expression of the State's need real reform, launched by the Prime Minister, which is consistent with the national will, which is being expressed through the demonstrators and protesters patriots who are the basis of the part of the political process and the owners of a genuine interest in a democratic Iraq, a free and Advanced and secure. "
The statement concluded, "it was emphasized by the presidents and representatives of blocs and parties expressed their support for the legitimate demands and the importance of focusing on accelerating the pace of reform, especially in these circumstances that require everyone to ensure the security and stability and provide area of ​​our armed forces to devote to the performance of national tasks in the fight against Daash and eliminate it."