Presidencies meeting of the political blocs and ends with the formation of committees of several most important , " the follow - up reshuffle"

2016-03-19 21:54:09 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Decided the leaders of political blocs and the three presidencies meeting on Saturday, the formation of several committees to continue the progress of the reform process in the country, while Noting there to form a committee to assist the Prime Minister in a cabinet reshuffle "in a week", said the formation of a committee to visit the protesters and the representatives and leaders of the demonstrations.

The statement said that the meeting of the leaders' meeting was held today at the Peace Palace in Baghdad, three presidencies collection, and the leaders of political blocs and parties , "noting that" the meeting greeted the heroic victories of the security forces in Mosul, Anbar, cutouts and other terrorist gangs. "

The statement added, " The two communities have expressed their emphasis and the will of the strong on the support of citizens in Taza who faced brutal crimes committed by the terror , " he said , adding "emphasis on maintaining security in the capital Baghdad and limiting arms possession state necessity."

The statement pointed out that " the meeting also focused on the political and administrative reform and the fight against corruption and the ministerial amendment issues and to express their respect for the popular wills as represented by demonstrations and sit - ins in the country since July last year until now , " noting that he "was formed several committees to follow up the reform process."

The statement noted " the formation of a committee composed of the three presidencies and political components, shall monitor the implementation of reform and to help the prime minister in a cabinet reshuffle during the week , " he said , adding , "it was the formation of a higher council for combating corruption and speed up the resolution of independent bodies."

The statement stressed, " The meeting acknowledged the formation of a committee to contact led the national parties to coordinate with them about the demands on the one hand and the House of Representatives and the government on the other hand , " noting that "this committee will visit the protestors tasks and communication with representatives of the protesters."

The statement concluded by stressing that " the meeting urged the House of Representatives on the need for legislation of laws broken."

It was started, on Thursday evening, the three presidencies and the leaders of the political blocs to a meeting at the Peace Palace, in central Baghdad, to discuss the ins and the ministerial change expected and the security situation in the country.

And it held three presidencies (presidents Fuad Masum, the Cabinet Haider al - Abadi and the House of Representatives , Salim al), on Thursday evening, a meeting at the Peace Palace, in central Baghdad, with the heads of political blocs to discuss the ins Sadrists at the Green Zone gates ministerial change expected convened by the President Council of Ministers, and the security situation in the country and victories achieved on the organization (Daash).

The meeting was also attended by the Islamic Supreme Council leader Ammar al - Hakim , leader of the Supreme Council Deputy Speaker Hamoudi and the leader of the Arab coalition , Saleh al - Mutlaq , leader of the National Coalition Mahmoud al - Mashhadani, and representatives of the Liberal block of the Sadrist movement and the leaders of the coalition of state law and the coalition forces and the Kurdistan Alliance.

It is noteworthy that the three presidencies and the leaders of the political blocs meeting comes amid strained political situation in the country, because of the protests launched by the Sadrist movement in front of the Green Zone gates, central Baghdad, on Friday since, (March 18 2016), to demand reforms, in addition to the war against al (Daash) in the western and northern provinces.