Baghdad stopped oil exports through Kurdistan to put pressure on the region


Detection and Oil Minister Adel Abdul Mahdi, on Friday, all suspended oil exports through the Kurdistan region, attributing this to put pressure on the authorities of the province and the resumption of talks on oil revenues.

The prospectus (Iraq Oil Report) , quoting Abdul - Mahdi, to say that the central government in Baghdad halted oil exports through Iraq 's Kurdistan region to put pressure on local authorities to resume talks on an agreement to share oil revenues.

Earlier this week, informed sources told Reuters that three Iraqi North Oil Company , the state - run stopped pumping crude produced in the fields operated in the area of Kirkuk through a pipeline to Turkey.

The company exports in the habit of 150 thousand barrels per day through the pipeline that connects to the Turkish port of Ceyhan on the Mediterranean.

The pipeline also conveys oil producer in Kurdistan region and is sold independently of the central government.

Kurdish Peshmerga forces and seized control of the disputed region of Kirkuk and its oil fields in June 2014 after it disintegrated North difference Iraqi army when it invaded the organization "Daash" third country.

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