Massoum called presidencies, leaders of blocs to hold a meeting on the recent fallout
Friday 18 March 2016
-9:10 pm

President Fouad Massoum
President Fouad Massoum decided Friday to convene a meeting of the three presidencies, leaders of parties and blocs, on Saturday, to discuss recent political fallout.
A presidential statement said it briefed Marbad, that "the President held several telephone conversations with the Prime Minister and the speaker of the House of representatives and political leaders about events and demonstrations, sit-ins and demands," adding that the "infallible decided that the three presidencies will meet tomorrow with the leaders of parties and blocs".
He was President of the national coalition of Ayad Allawi, confirmed yesterday that Iraq is going through a very critical stage at all levels, and in view of the escalation between the political parties in this moment not only the enemies of Iraq hinged, called all of (political parties) to ease tensions, protect people, self-restraint and adopt dialogue and patience, he also sent a request to the President of the Republic for a quick meeting of all parties to ease tensions and bring calm and tranquility.
This comes after the Islamic Supreme Council, called yesterday's National Alliance to convene an urgent meeting of coalition forces to find quick fixes for what he saw as "a serious risk, threatening national cohesion," said the reforms are a legitimate and popular, and that peaceful demonstrations and sit-ins aimed at reforms are right, stressed the importance of fortification of biased people use and mixing purposes. date%3D18032016%26id%3D691117e6-98ce-457b-a9ca-e0c860204110