Baghdad is witnessing widespread security and pieces of concrete bridges blocks before the start of the protest
[Where - Baghdad]
The capital Baghdad this morning under tight security before the start of a sit -in in front of the Green Zone.
There was a large security spread of the army and police forces and aviation in Karkh and Rusafa , where security forces cut off bridges and roads army channel leading into Sadr City, blocks of concrete.
The Ministry of the Interior called for a commitment Ptalimadtha and obey the spirit of the law and order so as to avoid all that leads to otherwise.
According to a ministry statement received [where] a copy of it on " the ministry would like to learn the masses of our people decent, as according to the Iraqi constitution , the terms of the laws in force, and in implementation of the responsibilities, duties, and ensure the security of honorable citizens and to ensure the functioning of law and order, the ministry in recognition of the critical circumstances which through which the country and pushed for all the risks and potential threats forms and for the public interest, they have not given permission to set up a picket or demonstrate in front of the green Zone gates, "adding that she" informed the party that asked for the license in this matter in order to avoid all forms or confusion gets miscalculation of the consequences and possibilities ".