Economic: 2 billion and $ 400 million annually pending state telecom companies

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The balance of news
Member of the Committee revealed the economy and investment representative Nora albegari, Thursday, 2 400 million dollars the Government benefits from telecom companies annually, with indicated that the companies belonging to officials of "influential people" in the State.

Albegari said to balance news, that "the Government benefits from the telecom companies would contribute to reducing the economic crisis", stating that "these benefits amounted to about two billion and 400 million dollars annually."

"These companies belonging to influential people in the State," adding that "businesses have not paid dues since 4-5 years.
Referred to as the communications and Media Commission, revealed earlier that benefits telecommunications companies in Iraq are unable to fill a fraction of the salaries of State employees, arguing that it does not exceed $ 1 billion a year. ended 29
From: Haider Al Metham