Commission on Security and Defence parliamentary tightened security in Baghdad's preparations for the Arab summit
21/03/2012 16:41:02

BAGHDAD (Iba) .. attributed the member of the Security and Defense Committee MP for the Liberal bloc governor Zamili, tighter security measures in areas remote from the Green Zone to the security precautions undertaken by the government in order not to get a security breach during the summit. said Zamili in a press statement that Baghdad a small town it is natural to tighten security measures in areas remote from the Green Zone, as the areas of Baghdad overlapping, so the intensification of security measures in those areas comes from the door of the security precautions for the Arab summit. He added that for security violations before the Arab summit will give a negative message the country, especially as a non through the success of the Arab summit opening on the Arab countries and to give message of reassurance to the Arabs who think that Iraq is headed toward another. He Zamili: to create conditions for the success of the Arab summit would be a catalyst and powerful off the country a new start in relations with the States Arabic. is scheduled for the Arab summit in Baghdad on 29 this month after it was scheduled to be held in May of last year, but it was postponed to March 2012, at the request of Iraq. (End)