Nineveh Provincial Council approves regional development budget for the year 2016


Roudao - Erbil

Sadiq Council of Nineveh province, on Thursday, the petro-dollar budget concerning the maintenance, amounting to nine billion dinars, while half the amount allocated operating budget and the division of the remaining amount between the province and the Council.

He said the provincial council said in a statement Roudao Media Network received a copy of it, "The Council approved the budget of the petro-dollar, amounting to nine billion dinars."

And it has agreed on the following points:

1. The allocation of 50% of the amount of petrodollars operating as a budget for the province.

2. The allocation of $ 2 billion dinars to the operational budget of the provincial council of the provision for the operational budget of the province of the petro-dollar amounting to four billion and five hundred and fifty eight million one hundred and thirty-eight thousand dinars amount.

3. merging paragraph 1 and 2 of the administrative units in non-quota editor (relief IDPs) and be in support and rehabilitation of survivors and orphans.

4. compel the governor of Nineveh of procuring a decision of the Board in any transfers within the same sector.

5. Add the projects below to ongoing: - Projects

A creation of 100 beds in the district of Sinjar center with appliances and furniture.

(B) prepare a study for the purpose of re-evaluation of the project of establishing Rabia 100 beds with appliances and furniture.

C Rabia rehabilitation hospitals, sheikhs, North (my years), hospitals, clinics and other areas as needed.

And also Crvanah camps for the displaced and processing according to need and priority and allocate $ 6 billion and 131 million dinars after deducted from the project of constructing bridges fast mobile monument.