Nuri al-Maliki recognizes the fear of the power of demonstrations

March / March 17, 2016 16:19

Nouri al - Maliki acknowledged Btakovh the strength of the demonstrations and sit - ins calling for his trial on charges of corruption and dissemination of terrorism in the country.
Where al - Maliki said in a statement issued by a coalition of state law: that the demonstrations as a blatant challenge that move in recent days , and make everyone locked up for breath.

And confirms fears a coalition of state law, Nuri al - Maliki of events and their consequences on the destinies
That sources inside the meeting referred to the re - editing Conclusion statement read by al - Maliki was distributed to the media and the deduction of part of it.
Maliki has challenged in this demonstrators segment , saying that the arms offset weapon and the men they are met by men, and in the meantime keep the Secretary General of the block Badr Hadi al - Ameri on the harsh language of the statement , stressing that it is against any escalation approach between the political partners and that things can not be solved escalation.