Masum was in contact with the repercussions of the rapid political leaders

The number of visits: 38 Published on: 17/3/2016, 21:35 Published by: Messenger of Delphi

The President of the Republic Fuad Masum, the required reform has become a growing popular will as it is expressed a real need for the development of the state and its institutions management so as to enhance political and economic reconstruction to them.

The presidential "In the context of political developments and the implications of developments, overnight and during the day today, between the government and political parties of the National Alliance bloc, conducted infallible number of important telephone contacts with a number of senior political and national personalities statement, and expressed confidence that the adoption of all the logic of reason and wisdom to avoid any escalation that would strain the atmosphere and increases the political bickering winning space. "

Infallible and pointed out that "concern for the peace and security of all Iraqis requires all of us most that should be restraint and control of the repercussions and media escalation in order to prevent aggravation of tensions to make and create a positive atmosphere for the proper understanding and continue to work for a real comprehensive reform."

President of the Republic also stressed during his telephone calls to the "constitutional responsibility to save the right of citizens to express their opinion and attitude through demonstrations and all other peaceful means to achieve freedom and to ensure peace and stability and the preservation of public and private property, especially in these ambiguous circumstances in which our heroine continues in various configurations defeat the terrorists, criminals, referring in this regard to the importance of accelerating the reform measures and understanding between the various authorities and all parties to the political process. "