Integrity Announces resolving 69% of issues that supplied during 2015

Thursday , 17 March 2016 11:27

Alsumaria News / Baghdad
Integrity Commission announced, on Thursday, for the resolution of 69% of the cases it has received over the past year, noting that the completion of all communications received by the Commission during 2015.

The head of the Hassan Yassiri at a press conference in the Commission and attended by Alsumaria News Building, said that "the total number of communications Alakhbarat issues penal for 2015 amounted to 18 996 issue was resolved, including 13 067 issue by the completion of 69%."

The Yasiri that "communications from these cases reached 1418 a communication to resolve them in 1418, and by the completion of 100%, while the number of Alakhbarat reached 4536 news resolving them 3262 by the completion of 72%," pointing out that "criminal cases amounted to 13015 issue resolved, including 8387 and by completion rate 64.5%. "

The financial and administrative corruption is spreading in Iraq dramatically, with Transparency International Iraq ranked as the third most corrupt country in the world after Somalia and Sudan, but the Iraqi government is often critical of the organization reports on corruption and considers inaccurate and based on information reached by by local and foreign companies It failed to implement service projects in Iraq.