Housing Fund lending to 850 billion dinars for the disbursement of payments citizens

Thursday , 17 March 2016 16:28

To accelerate loans outstanding payments to the citizens Exchange, the Minister of Construction and Housing disclosed during a press conference at the House of Representatives with the parliamentary services for Housing Fund received the amount of eight hundred and fifty billion dinars from the central bank as a down payment for the provision of loans to the beneficiaries.

In this context, Tariq Kikhany, Minister of Construction and Housing, said: "Today was a contract between the Ministry of Construction and Housing of the housing fund under the initiative launched by Mr. Prime Minister."

The minister also revealed the allocation of funds from the Fund for the reconstruction of damaged houses in the hot spots.

Kikhany He added: "the issue of the affected areas was given a special feature of all the homes that have been terrorism, Vsndouk Housing will finance this role."

According to the Ministry of Housing, the start repay the loan installments one year after receipt, pointing out that the Commission services and reconstruction parliamentary requested the extension to allow for a year and a half period in order to give another six months of the citizen in repayment.