Nineveh Council endorses the share of the province of the petro - dollar nine billion dinars

17/03/2016 18:27

Long-Presse / Nineveh

Sadiq Council of Nineveh province, on Thursday, the petro-dollar budget concerning the maintenance, amounting to nine billion dinars, while half the amount allocated operating budget and the division of the remaining amount between the province and the Council.

He said the provincial council in a statement received (long-Presse) a copy of it, "The Council approved the budget of the petro-dollar, amounting to nine billion dinars."

The statement added that "the Council has agreed to transfer 4.5 billion dinars operating budget and two billion dinars for the provincial council, and 2.5 billion dinars for the province."

The organization (Daash) may impose its control over the city of Mosul, Nineveh province, (405 km north of Baghdad), in (the tenth of June 2014), also extended its activities beyond, to several provinces and regions constitute nearly a quarter of the area of ​​Iraq.