Private banks and the Iraqi Council of the Association of Business discuss with the International Monetary Fund for ways to cover the budget deficit in 2016

03/17/2016 - 18:39

Economy News: Private Oman ...
He met in the Jordanian capital Amman, a joint delegation from the Iraqi private banks association and the Iraqi Business Council in Jordan, headed by Chairman of the Board Majid Saadi with a delegation such as the International Monetary Fund, headed / Christian Jos /.
The envoy said the agency / Economy News / that the two sides discussed the economic situation in Iraq in general and ways to cover Aladzvi current year budget in 2016.
And transfer envoy for Gus as telling the meeting that the International Monetary Fund is studying granting Iraq loans to bridge Ajzalmala in the budget, noting that it depends class basis on the extent of Iraq's commitment to fund conditions, including reducing government spending to meet the winning gap is due to differences Sarbrmel oil installer in the budget with the reality of the situation as well as the restructuring of State-owned banks.
Participants in the meeting agreed on the importance of the trend towards supporting the private sector and the privatization of banks and government companies.
Acharaly that the IMF will be the end of this month a new round of talks with a delegation representing the Central Bank and Ministry of Finance Iraqis to discuss ways to end the financial crisis that Iraq is going through now.