Abadi: Victory will be soon and we will raise the Iraqi flag in Mosul expanded {}

2016/3/17 17:42

Abadi: Victory will be soon and we will raise the Iraqi flag in Mosul expanded {}
{Baghdad} Euphrates News confirmed Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said "victory will be soon, we will raise the Iraqi flag in Mosul."
A statement by the Prime Minister's Office and the agency {Euphrates News} received a copy of it on Thursday, "The Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces confirmed that the popular crowd a State institution, and touch the touch of the Iraqi state," adding that he "is not the right one that sets us who participates in the battle or not, it is not entitled to hand that prevent citizens from participating liberation of his land. "
Among Abadi during a meeting led by the officials and brigades popular crowd, said that "what has been achieved from the victories and the liberation of the land to override the banner of the nation and defend the sanctities ordered Mubarak, and achieved thanks to the fatwa blessed religious authority honest, now stand on the threshold of a new phase of victories for the liberation of all occupied."
The prime minister pointed out that "We do not have fear of Daash gang crimes, and they did all they could and want to insert a horror among citizens, and we have to tolerate these rumors."
And between the Prime Minister said, "Whenever we approach the final victory, and achieve successive victories Rumors abound, and we must address them," he said. "Think about these gangs will turn on and supported by its owners, and will not be spared him one."
The statement said that "al-Abadi praised the heroic stance of the young martyr who raised the Iraqi flag in Sharqat, one of her family, and this is the heroic spirit that will be a great motivation for the Liberation of land.
He pointed out that "the freedom of expression and demonstration is constitutionally guaranteed, and the protection of the citizen and demonstrator is our duty, and the origin of Khodhana of the war is to protect the citizen, and our responsibility to provide this protection."
The Prime Minister praised the wonderful relationship between the security forces and citizens, adding that "the citizen has the right to pretend to demand reform, and services, and the fight against corrupt, and others, and we must protect it, it is necessary to abide by the law, the place of demonstration, and to prevent armed manifestations." Ended h