Abadi Office receives a plan to reduce the staff of the Council of Ministers in half

18/02/2016 20:09

Tomorrow Press / Baghdad:

Received the Prime Minister's Office plan to reduce the staff of the Council of Ministers in half, and hauling hundreds of them to retire.

It revealed that an informed source in the Prime Minister's Office for "tomorrow's Press," explaining that "the Associate Director of the Office Abadi Nofal Abu Barns received a dossier ready for the transfer and assignment of half of them to retire from the assistant general director of a General Secretariat of the Council of Ministers circles."

The source declined to disclose the names of the authors of the plan, but said the "Profile carried out in collaboration with one of the former Deputy Prime Minister Saleh al-Mutlaq, who was transferred to a newly General Secretariat departments staff of the Office, in cooperation with the new constituency assistant general manager."

"The plan includes the transfer of one married employees or father and son, two brothers, in addition to re-transfer to the General Secretariat within the past eight years," adding that "the plan provides for the assignment of has a service up to the retirement of 15 years."

The source continued that "the proportion of couples and father and son and two brothers which constitutes about 30% of the staff of the Secretariat of the Council of Ministers."

The Abu Nofal Barns request earlier in the General Secretariat of directors of departments of the Council of Ministers to submit special assessments to their employees, in order to take them to the ministries and other departments, but that it faced legal problems prevented that.

The source indicated that "the Iraqi labor law does not permit the transfer of staff, but voluntarily, and that cabinet officials have demonstrated great strength when they demonstrated against the salary scale, which recently approved by the cabinet and dropped him, and that has raised fears Abu barns and Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi."