State law requires the blessing of the reshuffle and asserts that the sit-in lead to uncontrollable

Ascended State of Law coalition, on Wednesday, of the confrontation with the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr to go to the rejection of the establishment of the sit-ins, and as he said that the demonstrations right guaranteed by the Constitution, pointed out that the sit-ins and raise the weapon and the threat of it "will not benefit anyone," and it leads to a "security uncontrollable" and called for political blocs to agree on a cabinet reshuffle as a step to unite around the principles of partnership and understanding.
A statement by the coalition of state law after the end of a meeting of the coalition in the presence of President Nouri al-Maliki, Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi received / balances News / copy of the "strange phenomenon to the fore at a critical juncture which is how some people want them to hold the reform process in accordance with his convictions and Contexts thinking exclusively without taking into account constitutional mechanisms, to open a hole in the wall of national unity ", past to say that those gaps" sneaking through which the enemies of Iraq and the political process and find Dhalthm and their chance to topple the political process. "
He warned that such steps without allowing unnamed because "moving outposts hostile to our people defunct Baath party and criminal gangs, terrorists and sectarian revenge for the strikes, which we sent to them."
"So we underline the importance of achieving harmony between the political blocs and the components of that foundation in the reform process."
"And without it is difficult to achieve the desired reform and establish security and address the crisis services and legislation of laws."
And saw a coalition of state law in " The challenge that move in recent days , he was flagrant in beating the foundations of national security and the foundations of the political process, and make everyone locked up his breath , fearing the loose security situation, and no one can whatever depicting strength and presence control of the dilapidated conditions that are exploited by all our enemies . " .
He went on the coalition in his statement to say "therefore , we call upon the political forces to the initiative by agreeing to hold the reshuffle as a step on the road to unite on the basis of understanding and partnership organized by the Constitution , with a high sense of responsibility."
He stressed that " the government and security agencies need to cohesion and deal with any security breach contrary laws and depart from it to prevent attempts to create chaos , "stressing that" the constitutional right to demonstrate, but the sit - ins and the deployment of the weapon and the use of force is not constitutional , but out on the law. "
He expressed his belief that it would be "a gateway for further engagement on the home front."
And he saw that this "helps Daash and the enemies of Iraq and the forces of anti exploit this atmosphere in retaliation for the new Iraq , which record the negative observations, but it is still hope to get past the era of dictatorship and the uniqueness and the language of force, violence and sectarianism."
The statement said "beware of any adventure you will spend on each Achieved of freedom and democracy and directions of state - building , despite the odds set by terrorism and backers and allied with him , but we should bite the wounds and continue to eradicate these glands to straighten it in collective action and understanding in accordance with the foundations of national principles and not in an atmosphere Altahedadiat and clap weapon , which one it will not come out a winner. "
And raising the coalition statement Dallah law from rhetoric to emphasize, saying that "the weapon offset by force and they are met by men and men remain pricey motivation is the people and the country, particularly areas that Daash gangs were unable to sabotage yet."
He concluded by saying that "resorting to the street ends error to destroy the country and society."
He concluded , "we have stated previously, and repeat them here too there is no way to solve the crisis only direct dialogue and openness between the partners, and the God of the intent behind".