Karbouli: Government civil technocrats only way to save Iraq

The head of the parliamentary bloc solution affiliated to the Federation of Iraqi forces MP Mohammad al-Karbouli, said on Wednesday that the civil government of technocrats is the only way to save Iraq from the suffocating crises. Karbouli said in a statement received / balances News / copy of which he was "on the Islamic ruling parties since June 2006 confession by failing to lay the foundations of the modern state and its inability to build the elements of good governance in Iraq." Karbouli stressed that "our prayers and our requests to change the approach of the State Administration of political Islam to a civilian - an interview is not a departure from the Constitution, it is the spirit of the constitution with the democratic character of the civil." He stressed Karbouli that "we accept the government of civilian technocrats non-partisan does not reflect our fear but emphasizes the courage to choose the best way to build a new Iraq after the previous government experiments failed," calling to "consolidate and support the experience of the rule of civilian technocrats and non-partisan as part of our commitment to parliamentary Baksmona who swore by all the political blocs to work to serve Iraq and its people. "

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