Abdul Samad's / balances News /: fear of a repeat of protests in Baghdad, Anbar scenario

Chairman of the parliamentary bloc of the Dawa Party, said Khalaf Abdul Samad, Wednesday, that the bloc fears of a repeat of the scenario in the sit-ins Anbar sit-ins called for in the chest in front of the Green Zone gates.
The head of the parliamentary advocate bloc MP Khalaf Abdul Samad's / balances News / "The Anbar destroyed as a result of the presence of tents sit-ins and entry lurking This Mankhav replicated in protests called by the cleric Moqtada al-Sadr," stressing "the mass call for fear that exploit the sit-ins enemies of the political process to disrupt the unity of the people. "
The leader of the Sadrist movement has announced a sit-ins in front of the Green Zone gates until the deadline set in the change and make that the end of the corrupt and duration of 45 days.
Abdul Samad and demanded that "follow the constitutional and legal ways to achieve reform and change," he said, adding that there are laws and therefore the interests of Iraq and its people abide by the constitution and laws and seek each change on the basis of which ".
He pointed out that "the constitution needs to be reformed, but we have to talk Nsalehh means transparent and not to impose a fait accompli and force."
It is said that the Cabinet decided to reject the establishment of protests called by Moqtada al-Sadr's movement Azeim Alsdr.