War: The Constitution and the law Obaha demonstration and meeting the sit-in, it is the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister

Noted legal expert Tareq Harb saying, if the international covenants on human rights and covenants has been considered really pretense of human rights, whether what is stated in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights of 1948, and the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights for the year, 1996,
and other international instruments, those instruments did not mention the right to protest and this is what approach the Iraqi Constitution in Article (38), which decided in paragraph III . freedom of assembly just and peaceful protest, as the law governing demonstrations currently in force by virtue of Article 130 of the Constitution, law No. (19) for the year 2003 any American governor ordered (PRIMER), issued on 10 / July 3003 AD, which was published in the Gazette of Iraq official Gazette in number 3979, it spoke of the freedom of peaceful assembly and to freedom of expression and peaceful demonstration, he asked those who practiced this freedom commitment to freedom of the passage of cars on the roads movement and not disabled and do not put any restrictions in the emergency police and relief services and not to deprive citizens of these services, this law and decided to prohibit any person, group or organization to march or organize gathered audience or participating in it on the roads and streets public in public places, but if I got the competent authority approval to do so , provided identification numbers that participate in it, which should be pedestrian and vehicular traffic official and the hand of government does not impede to ask the organizers to demonstrate determine the upper limit of people allowed to demonstrate assembly and select this law for pretending to no more than four hours and it is obligatory keep the demonstrations a distance of not less than 500 meters from the state departments , at least you should tell the official authorities before at least 24 hours, provided that this includes notification of the names and addresses of the organizers of the march or rally or demonstration or meeting the road will be its behavior, and the start time of the demonstration and duration of the demonstration, and to prevent this law to demonstrate the seventh hour and a half to nine and a half in the morning and half past four pm to six in the evening, unless it is for a private on it and prevent law carry weapons and sharp objects and anything that can be thrown inflict structure approval of harm , including stones and Alzanat speculator wooden batons and stones, helmets and Alaltmh masks with any demonstrator and these materials are subject to confiscation, and violation of this law shall be punished by imprisonment for a term not exceeding one year, note that the new draft law perspective to parliament, which has not been enacted yet spoke about demonstration and assembly and did not speak about the sit -in , and since there is a difference constitutionally and legally and linguistically and termed the demonstration and association, assembly and demonstrations and the sit -in , the approval of the sit -in from the jurisdiction of the Prime Minister as a direct executive responsible for public policy of the state in accordance with Article validity (78) of the Constitution .