Exempt Palestinian products from customs

The Minister of Labour and Social Development of the Russian, Maxim Tobeilin, the Eurasian Economic Union would exempt exports of Palestinian products from customs duties, with effect from 18 March / March, the integrative Union territory.
He Tobeilin, told reporters, after a meeting of the Joint Committee the government, "I informed the Palestinians colleagues, that as soon as, in the March 18 / March, and in the framework of the Eurasian Economic Union, a decision will be featuring Palestine to the list of least developed countries."
He added, "Palestine will be included in the countries least-developed system, which exempts a large number of goods from customs duties."
Commenting on the volume of trade between Russia and Palestine, and which is currently more than $ 3 million a little, and as a share of Palestinian exports, including 0.200 thousand dollars, Tobeilin said, "This does not comply, of course, with the size of the possibilities that can be the active cooperation."
"I understood the reasons we have not had a practical negotiations with the Palestinian side, even from the standpoint of the primitive understanding necessary to export products to the documents."
As co - chairman of Russian State Committee joint Palestinian, Tobeilin discussed with Palestinian Prime Minister Rami Hamdallah, the question of the possibility of Palestinian goods trade in the member countries ' markets in the Eurasian Economic Union is on a customs basis.

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