South outlets: imports increased by 90% after the application of customs tariff

Customs Directorate of the southern region confirmed the higher revenues by 90 percent during the second half of the month of February compared to how long before the non-implementation of the Act

He said Customs southern region director Ahmed Nouri, said in a statement seen by the agency of our economy News that the tariff is one of the most prominent features of the development of the economies of countries that pursued in the framework of international trade in order to get the public treasury and the protection of the product and national security resources.
He pointed out that although the reluctance of some traders on the promotion of customs transactions after the issuance of guidance from the Director General of the customs Authority Kazim Ali Abdullah applying the tariff law at the beginning of February, but it is touching up clear by revenue generated from the implementation of the law even reached 90 percent during the second half of last February, reaching 31 billion and 716 million dinars , compared with January a month in which the amount of revenue amounted to 16 billion and 61 million dinars in the same monthly import quantities usual across Basra , sea and land ports , which amounts to 9 legal outlets, as well as graying port in the province of Maysan.
between Nuri The role of the Directorate subsides application of customs regulations on obtaining the taxes owed ​​to the public treasury and the application of import restrictions and conditions prescribed.