Kazibrom Russian holds the field management (Sarkalh) oil in the Kurdistan region and seeks to develop it


Kazibrom company confirmed Gazprom Neft Russian oil, on Tuesday, she became responsible for field management (Sarkalh) oil in the Kurdistan region after receiving a share of the Canadian partner in it, indicating that it is seeking to develop its production and that the Government of the Territory is preparing a plan in this regard.
The company said in a statement that followed the (long-Presse), "The Company's share in the Sarkalh oil field in the Kurdistan region has increased," noting that it "has become the Director of the field after the buy its partner, the Western Zagros company Western Zagros Canadian Limited."
She Kazibrom, that "the Western Zagros company turned to its share based on the partnership contract signed between the parties to production in 2012," indicating that "the ongoing work in the field are currently under owners Kazibrom company for oil production management."
The company explained that "Sarkalh field Jarmean part of a patch of oil in the Kurdistan region, which started production during the year 2015 up to 19,000,180 thousand barrels," asserting that its stake in the oil patch Jarmean "stands at 40 percent of the stock."
She Kaz Brom, it was "currently studying in detail the oil patch in preparation for the implementation of the campaign and the development of a wide-ranging," and added that "the Kurdistan Regional Government is currently developing a calendar preliminary plans to achieve that goal."
The Russian Kazibrom company, has signed the (August 2012) of two agreements with the Kurdistan Regional Government, to engage in projects related to oil drilling and invest in oil fields in the territory of the region.
The Kaz Gazprom owns 40% of the Badra oil field in Wasit province, (180 km southeast of Baghdad), as well as her work in the Kurdistan region.