Baghdad Investment: we gave 341 projects costing $ 15 billion Holidays

Baghdad Investment Authority announced on Wednesday, about 341 grant leave during the past five years for projects costing up to $ 15 billion, confirming its cooperation with the secretariat of Baghdad to allocate the necessary land for such projects.
The head of the body, Shaker al-Zamili, said in an interview to the (long-Presse) that "the Commission granted 341 investment license during the past five years, at a total cost of up to $ 15 billion," adding that those "vacations include the establishment of 17 investment Hospital nine thousand beds, Germany's most prominent Iraqi capacity of 300 beds, at a cost of $ 100 million, as well as the completion of three other hospitals capacity of 150 beds. "
He Zamili, that "the Commission granted licenses to 77 lawmakers for the completion of 130 thousand units," noting that "there are 16 housing projects around good factor notably complex flowers and lawns."
The head of the Baghdad Investment Authority, that "the rest of the projects were distributed on the industrial and tourism sectors, for the establishment of industrial cities and hotels", stressing that "the existence of serious cooperation between the Commission and the secretariat of Baghdad to complete the rest of the projects and the delivery of the corresponding land to the designs."
The Baghdad Investment Authority revealed in the (second from February 2016), the presence of more than 300 investment projects in the capital, while the completion of 45 of them at a cost of two billion and 800 million dollars confirmed, complained stopped 150 of them because of "red tape."
The Baghdad Investment Authority confirmed in (24 August 2015 the past), they agreed with the Baghdad Municipality and Ministry of Finance to allocate necessary to implement approximately 40 projects land have been approved during the past two years, indicating that the preliminary work began to build the largest shopping mall in the capital, and it will open soon four hospitals and a number of commercial centers.