Kurdistan retirees moving to an electronic system

Wednesday 16-03-2016

Twilight News / announced that the Ministry of Finance in the Kurdistan Regional Government, on Wednesday, it will write down all retirees in the province files electronically.

According to a statement of the ministry it responded to the Twilight News, the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Finance and Economy proxy Rapper friend held a meeting with the Director General of retirement to take over the monthly statistics of the directorates to see the number of retirees and how many were civilians and how many of them retirees of the internal security forces and Alپeshmrگh and Aaish.

The statement added that a friend talked about strategies and functions of the departments of retirement in the region, stressing that all the departments of retirement in the province, according to a new operating system and a unified electronic.

He added that the purpose of the electronic system is to regulate the preparation of retirees in all the cities of the province, adding that, in order to record all the data and be careful of the Ministry of Statistics (NBS) is updated monthly has been developing such a system to be working in this format.

He said a friend he must work on the database on the basis of this program develop and make all retirees file electronically for easy review and disclosure of repeated names, stressing that received statistics monthly from districts to identify the number of retirees and how many of them civilians, and the isolation of the names of the heirs.

The statement noted that the Director-General of the retirement and pension managers districts have declared their support for any change to the organization of work and adjust.