Alloizi: powers refused to provide candidates to keep his ministers Brotherhood-affiliated

2016/3/16 15:18

The Deputy of the Alliance of Iraqi forces, the alliance refused to nominate the names of his ministers to the Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, to keep the current ministers.
The MP said Abdul Rahman Alloizi told all of Iraq [where] that "coalition forces refused to nominate any name of the Ministers of the Government of technocrats anticipated, indicating that this refusal was to keep the current ministers."
He stressed that "there is more than one person went to the Alliance for his nomination as minister, but they refused and told him that the official position that we will not nominate any name, he said, adding that" the representatives of the forces can not say we do not want this change, or that they adhere very stubbornly to these ministers, arguing that the mechanism Unclear".
He Alloizi, we "believe that the basic objective aim to retain the current ministers, because they are the One Flew Alliance, a political Islam and the Muslim Brotherhood," he said.
He believed that "changes made by the prime minister for the first reforms and the abolition of six senior positions, were larger than the current challenge is a challenge, but it is used by the demands of the Libyan bookmark, and now he could employ of demonstrations and sit-ins to make real reforms popular position."
He stressed Alloizi that "Abadi if approached more than the political blocs, the size of the repair or outputs will not be the size of what people are waiting for him, because the political blocs are always looking for their interests, and could lead to hold on to some of the ministers, and there will be a radical and comprehensive change, and thus lead to recycle some of the faces. "
He pointed out that "The prime minister can now goes by choosing figures actually technocrats and have experience, through popular pressure that now exists."
It is said that deadline Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi, the political blocs to submit their candidates for ministerial change ends on Wednesday, without any mass formally announces candidates.
The Prime Minister's Office announced that "the Council of Ministers and all his ministers confirms its response to the responsibility entrusted to him with his ministers prepared to leave their posts best interest."