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@@ - Abadi: renew our guidance to security forces to make maximum efforts to protect citizens and demonstrators and zero tolerance for any manifestations of armed..
‪#‎Newsflash‬: Follow-up
Reported by the Iraqi Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi, today is Wednesday, the further liberalization of the city of Mosul from rhạbyy ISIS "in the near future".
And the word ' ubadi in her face to the Iraqi people, on the afternoon of Wednesday "the resilience of the hand Taza League Bashir who have been sexually assaulted, and a coward before ISIS criminal gang used toxic substances against civilians".
He added, "the ISIS wanted message of terror to compensate for the losses in their big lạnbạr samarra in anticipation to beat her confirmed and final in Mosul and analyzed the kit to clean it up in the near future".
And sure-Abadi, " we have pledged to you yesterday, the liberalization of the provinces and cities usurped from ISIS, and has the best, and we will continue to edits until final victory, as we pledge to achieving reforms, and we promise that we won't take back She will not discourage us from the difficulties and obstacles and campaigns, anti ".
And noted that "we have a document the reform, and which have been presented to the political blocs and public opinion and the media, and the document is a platform for a clear road map and programme of action to overcome challenges, security, economic and community".
He Drew The Prime Minister, "give us a parliamentary blocs and effectiveness of society a whole week for the submission of their candidates to fill the ministerial posts from them and the other professionals technocrats in accordance with the conditions and controls and standards pledged".
And continued "we look forward in the next phase to clarity in the parking lot so she could be the one with the reformation and participated in the reform, and is not acceptable for any one to be involved in the government and is against the government at the same time".
And he said, ' ubadi to "reform not individual responsibility or partisan but is a national duty and legitimate and humanitarian, and anti-corruption efforts cannot succeed unless the participation of everyone, citizens and organizations and the media".
He explained, "we continue to provide the necessary support and direct the work of control devices and the judiciary, the integrity commission and two inspectors and financial control and judges all to enable them to open files corruption and prosecuting the spoilers without any fear or discrimination".
And make sure "priority remains to sustain the fight against ISIS terrorist until final victory, and efforts should focus effort to strengthen the military and security and to continue the impressive victories in all the breakers operations of confrontation and liberation".
The " any a side issue whatever was handy, not to concern about the effort existential battle the fight against terrorism, not to get too much sacrifices and blood dear martyrs and wounded, and if we don't carry our heroes more than Bear and are doing in their defence of the nation and the people in the fronts and within cities where dealing with terrorism, which the opportunity, for the loss of the same innocent and destroying everything ".
Found D ' ubadi invited "to the continued commitment in peace pretending and cooperate with security devices charged with protecting the demonstrators in addition to its duties".
He added "we renew our directions to the security agencies to make maximum efforts to protect citizens and demonstrators and public security in Baghdad and provinces, and not to waver in addressing any appearance armed, breaking the law and disrupting the private and public interests".
And the seal of the Prime Minister, the speaker said "we stress the importance of respect for the law and the instructions of the competent security devices with respect to time pretending he was not offering safe citizens and institutions of the state".