Abadi deadline without the candidates and blocs .. ignorant of the relevant ministries for change

Wednesday 16 March 2016 | 20:44
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BAGHDAD / .. expires on Wednesday, Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi deadline granted by the political blocs to choose their candidates in the forthcoming ministerial change, amid the failure of most of the blocks for the preparation of the names that won the conviction, insufficient time for other blocks.

After the "blessing" Call for Change party, and the announcement of the Sunni blocs refusal to participate in the next government and take the role of the opposition, keen Abadi to attend a meeting of the coalition of state law to discuss the change, expected to be held, on Wednesday evening, to witness the position of the coalition of "fundamental change" himself.

And the desire Abadi, the names of the candidates of the blocks, and not Avsaha all ministries covered by the change, the Kurdistan Alliance announced that insufficient time granted by the Prime Minister to submit names.

The MP said the coalition Farhad capable of "Eye of Iraq News," that "the Kurdish blocs failed to reach even today, which is the deadline given by al-Abadi of the blocks in order to nominate the names of ministers technocrats to provide new names of ministers end," and among "The length of time that gave it The Prime Minister is not enough ", he pointed out that" the present candidates for ministers technocrats needs a long period of time in order to reach people who are competent. "

For its part, Badr bloc announced its failure to candidates "independent" until now, pointing to a defect origin of the ministerial call for change, as she put it.

The MP said the bloc Badr Abdul Hussein Alazarjaoa told media followed up the "eye of Iraq News," that "there is no mass concerned responded on the presentation of the new names of the candidates for public office," adding that "there is a flaw origin of the call on the new cabinet reshuffle" among the "standards it is not sufficient to provide the names of new candidates, and there is more than a question mark on it."

On the contrary, the Union forces announced his non-participation in the government of "technocrats", and taken to the role of the opposition by the national coalition led by Allawi, to monitor the work of the new ministers.

The MP said the Union of Forces Abdel Azim Ajman's "Eye of Iraq News," that "the Sunni blocs decided not to send their candidates to the prime minister, will take the role of the opposition, along with the national coalition led by Allawi," noting that "take the role of the opposition by the Sunni and national blocs step good in the right direction, to monitor the performance of the new government. "

Chop and Blur foothold next step to Ebadi in the absence of a state block to its candidates, according to observers, which could make him and his committee formed to select candidates technocrats in front of the responsibility of carrying the results of the change, if approved by the blocks on to make the change without the intervention of them.

While the development of more than a minister resigned validity of the disposal of the al-Abadi, the latter has not yet to announce the names of the ministries concerned, or their number, leaving the door guessing leaks open to everyone, amid popular fear that the process of change, "media" or "not serious", but if he had asked the candidates in all the blocks Amajalat.anthy 8