Abadi vows to achieve the "reforms" despite the "anti campaigns" and calls for commitment to pretend Bslmah

2016-03-16 21:24:00 | (Voice of Iraq) - Baghdad

Promised Prime Minister Haider al - Abadi, on Wednesday, to achieve the "reforms" and not be undone despite the "anti campaigns", as called for commitment Bslmah demonstrations, the security forces to protect the demonstrators and to address any armed appearance of breaking the law and disrupt the private and public interests.

Ebadi said in a televised speech: "We completed reform document was presented to the political blocs , public opinion and the media, and the document is a platform and a clear roadmap and program of action to overcome the security, economic and societal challenges," pointing out that "we We give the parliamentary blocs and social activities for a week to submit their nominations to fill positions ministerial them and other professionals and technocrats under the conditions stated controls and standards. "

He added Abadi "We look forward in the next phase of clarity in attitudes can not be is with the reform does not participate in it and is not acceptable for any party to be involved in the government which is against the government at the same time , " adding that "reform is not an individual responsibility or factional it is is a national duty and illegal and inhuman, anti - corruption efforts can succeed only with the participation of all. "

Among Abadi , "we have provided and continue to provide necessary and direct support to the work of the regulatory and judicial organs and body integrity, inspectors general and financial control and the judges all of us to enable them to open corruption and prosecuting corrupt files without any fear or discrimination , " noting that " the priority remains to sustain the fight against the terrorist Daash until the final victory, and that efforts should be focused to strengthen military and security effort and continue the impressive victories in all breakers of confrontation and editing operations. "

He said that "any side issue no matter how important, should not be distractions for the perpetuation of the existential battle that we are waging against terrorism effort, and it should not relinquish the sacrifices and the blood dear martyrs and the wounded, and not to hold our fighters heroes more than they bear are making in their defense of the homeland and the people in the fronts inside the cities where dealing with terrorism that identify opportunities for the loss of innocent souls and destroy everything. "

The new Abadi call for "continued commitment Bslmah demonstrate and to cooperate with the assigned to protect the demonstrators and security devices in addition to other duties," directed security agencies to "exert maximum efforts to protect citizens and demonstrators and public security in Baghdad and the provinces, and that do not compromise in addressing any armed appearance of breaking the law and disrupts private and public interests. "

He stressed " the importance of respect for the law and abide by the instructions of the competent security agencies as to the place and time to demonstrate what does not expose the security of citizens and state institutions at risk."

On the other hand, al - Abadi said , " We salute the steadfastness of Taza and stubble Bashir who had been attacked sinner coward by Daash criminal gang that used toxic substances against civilians , " explaining that "Daash wanted to broadcast the horror message to compensate for big defeats in Anbar and Samarra and anticipation confirmed to defeat and the final in Mosul, which we prepared for the kit cleared in the near future. "

He said the prime minister , "our pledge to you yesterday editing provinces usurped and cities of Daash, has fulfilled Bahdna, and we will continue editing operations until final victory, as we pledge to you to achieve reforms, and we promise that we will not retreat it will not deter us difficulties and obstacles and campaigns anti."

The Cabinet expressed, Wednesday (16 March 2016), his support and his support for the demonstrations demanding reforms, stressing that are in accordance with the legal framework and taking approvals, as pointed out that the law does not allow the establishment of sit - ins amid security conditions and the threat of "terrorist groups" and the possibility of targeting .

The Council also stressed, today, ready and his ministers to leave their posts , "as required by the supreme interest , " adding that there are significant challenges faced current government and the most important of the war against "terrorism", while pointing out that the reform march and put the country on the right track moving and everyone should stand with them .

As promised political body of the Liberal bloc, today, the sit -in, which plans Sadrist movement organized on Friday a "democratic manifestation" is not inconsistent with the Constitution, and while confirming that the protests will not affect the public life, warned of a "fifth column , " which seeks to "intimidation".