Urgent .. Barzani launched a strong attack on the government and alludes to declare a Kurdish state

Tuesday, March 20 / March 2012 21:14

[Erbil - where]
Launched the President of Kurdistan, Massoud Barzani, a strong attack on the government and hinted imminent announcement of a Kurdish state in time, calling on all leaders, parties and political parties to his mind the current Iraqi situation and sit down together at a time of urgency.

A statement of the Presidency of the Kurdistan Regional Agency has received all of Iraq [where] today announced Barzani said in a speech on the occasion of celebration, Nowruz "I have the time that we say it enough, because Iraq is moving towards the abyss, and that a small group on the verge of dragging Iraq toward dictatorship, Iraq is experiencing a crisis serious, and that time such a situation is unacceptable for us at all. "

He explained, "Unfortunately, now appeared just a few of the persons monopolized all the joints of power and transmitted intellectual terrorism, where it is not possible that criticizes one or express his opinion and only suffered agitation and began Itahjmon unabated, and today the time has come to clarify the facts to the people of Kurdistan and the Iraqis in general, in order to know the difference that stands between us. According to Barzani, "before more than 2500 years rose Kurds and refused to dictatorship, and since then, to the day and the Kurds continue to struggle and resistance for freedom and liberation, and this in itself carries connotations and many meanings, it means that we are a nation alive and not accept humiliation and servitude of one, We are a nation must be free and live freely, and this eloquent lesson for us and for others too. "

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