Parliamentary Finance: foreign currency auction sale "savior" of the Iraqi dinar

Economy News / Baghdad

Stressed the parliamentary Finance Committee member Jabbar al - Abadi, there are several positives auction sale of foreign currency at the central bank, among the measure as a savior of the Iraqi dinar.

Ebadi said in a press statement vassal \ "Economy News \", that "the political CBI on foreign currency sale by auction is politically correct to offset the dollar 's exchange rate , " adding that "if the dollar prices this procedure to have risen gradual weakening value purchasing power of the dinar, which means he saved the local currency from decayed in the previous period. "

He added that " the Central Bank unchanged institution if the rest of the institutions in the country where some cases of corruption and perhaps some default but this does not mean that his work failed completely it is a solid institution delineate the features of the Iraqi economy , which depends on it directly."

He said some experts and specialists auction of the Central Bank to sell the currency as an outlet for waste of hard currency and a tool to win some of the financial and banking companies to the public interest expense.

While a member of the Finance Committee in Parliament MP Masood Haider pointed out earlier, that the Iraqi state does not benefit a bit of hard currency auction of the Central Bank nor the customs and taxes.