Parliamentary reconstruction: get the housing fund loans through electronic form

Published in: 20:17, March 16, 2016

BAGHDAD - Local - opinion -
He said the Commission services and reconstruction parliamentary member Tawfiq al-Kaabi, said that "citizens will have access to the housing fund loans through electronic form."
Among Kaabi on Wednesday, that "after the citizen fills the electronic form that will provide {after} while reviewing the existing partition Bmhafezth, and through sections promoted by the treatment, and submitted to the Housing Fund, and the process should be very easy."
The MP said the "Committee reconstruction discussed today during a meeting with the Minister of Construction and Housing and public municipalities Tariq Kikhany amount of 850 billion dinars disbursed by the central bank to the Housing Fund, and will act this amounts to the citizens," noting that "this amount for a year and after a year ready Central Bank to give to fund other amounts; for the purpose of facilitating the acts of citizens. "
He said al-Kaabi said "loans will facilitate the investment process, which was a lot of investors are suffering from the reluctance of citizens to buy the complexes, and because of the lack of liquidity," noting that "this process will make it easier for citizens to buy apartments after the use of the loans, and take advantage of them and facilitate the acceleration of housing construction process. "
He said al-Kaabi said, "Housing Minister stressed during the meeting that all the transactions provided to the citizens in the year 2014 I finished, we will start transactions in 2015.2016."
The Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi ratified on Wednesday the launch of Housing Fund loans for construction and renovation, and the purchase of residential units mechanisms. is over