Defense: {36} killed a terrorist and the evacuation of more than {125} trapped in various operations breakers family

Published in: 18:56, March 16, 2016

Baghdad security of opinion

Managed pieces of military army killed more than 36 terrorists, and the evacuation of more than 125 families trapped in various cutters operations.
A statement by the Ministry of Defense received (Opinion International) a copy of "The leadership of the island's operations were able to blow up (32) of an explosive device in Albouhaah area, and still work continues to clean up the rest of the area to be cleared of minefields laid by them Daash gangs terrorist," adding that " the burning wheel bearing mono, and killed them near the plant Jabbar tried to exposure to pieces of lead in repelling meal line-Baghdadi. "
The statement noted that in the quarterly modern school south were killed (3) terrorists Daash, and the wounding of another, was also killed 7 terrorists Daash strikes, artillery men in al-Baghdadi, has also been lifted and the dismantling (31) of an explosive device and detonate (6) Others in the area bounded by the Mohammedan, the area Aekbh, while enabling Champions detachment address unexploded ordnance from the bombing (32) of an explosive device in the area of ​​the Albu life, and work is continuing to clear the area.
The statement said "it was the reception (67), a family of (356) were employed by a citizen Daash terrorist as human shields in a leap hand, were evacuated to the camp for displaced people in the kilo (60)."
In the same context, the statement pointed out, "it was greeted (8) families displaced from a leap area consisting of 8 women and 11 children, and 12 men were transferred to a residential compound in al-Baghdadi," noting that "through implementation of a common duty with the strength of tribal members to inspect lynching area north-west of al-Baghdadi, were evacuated 29 families consisting of 217 individuals. "
The statement added that "the band first rapid intervention managed to destroy a truck (Lori) bomb through detachment Alkornett missiles in the structures area, destroying the wheel bearing machine-gun in the martyrs southern Fallujah neighborhood," explaining that "within boycotted the responsibility of the band ninth armored, and after receiving intelligence indicating that there is (3) additives in the dry zone project our forces raided the additives to the state, north of Baghdad, and destroyed completely. "
And went on the statement that "in the same context, the power went out for inspection at thunders village of Abu DLF area during the inspection found the following articles found (BKC) rifle (AK) half Okhms, Akhms wooden, cover the hull, wooden grip 2," stressing that "after and Rod intelligence information about the presence of accumulated materiel in the region or the first star within the vicinity, north of Baghdad, and during the inspection were found (6) Glicanat (C4) 20 liters capacity attitude and ready for detonation, Tarosh water spool ready to go off, and Fahd al-Fadil area, and after the inspection has been find (3) Glicanat (C4) 20 liters capacity. "
It pointed out that "in the same context is belonging to a terrorist-added inspection (Ziad Ahmed Khalaf Halbusi) in the six village, where they found wires Mobile spool, batteries are used for the bombing, has been added to destroy part of the north of Baghdad, the perimeter," noting that "in the Leine line were arrested wanted terrorists in accordance with Article 4 of terrorism, who are the terrorist (Hafez Younis Khalaf al-Zubaidi, the wars Ahmed Falah al-Zubaidi), were handed over to the demand side. "
The statement said that "in the leadership of the seventeenth Infantry Division conclusively been arrested (5) wanted in Alrakub area district Latifiya and wanted to national security apparatus for their involvement carrying out terrorist acts, the arrest of the accused is required to justice in accordance with Article (422) in Latifiya, tuning ( 73) wheel violation within checkpoints in the boycotted Vq 17, "adding that" during the execution of a duty to move the displaced from the bridge Bzabz out categorically responsibility, where it was transferred (21) displaced families after they have been providing all medical services to them by medical Vq 17, found booby-trapped the house was used by the terrorists to carry out terrorist operations in Alamadanak Arab Jabour area, it has also been found (2) packaging is a Jlcan 5 liters capacity filled with the substance (C4) prepared for the bombing has been treated by the engineering effort Vq 17 ".
The statement said he "found an explosive device in a Jlcan 5 liters capacity filled with the substance (C4) belted shell cannon 130 mm package was dismantled by force above."
With the leadership of Samarra operations continued the search process and the cleansing of the island west of Samarra, within the security of the island operation, where they found piled materiel in Sharif Abbas area contains (120) salvo mono 12.7 mm, 19 mortar shells of 120 mm, and (3) mortar rounds 60 mm, (7) Katyusha rockets, (100) salvo M16, (2) grenade, (1) single-base, a large number of monounsaturated ribbons, terrorist armor listed by the name Abu Obeida number two.
And the statement that "the secret leadership field engineering detonated 15 explosive device under control, and the dismantling of (10) Other containers, dismantle the wheel of a booby-trapped armored was inside (67) of an explosive device oppressive, and (14) artillery projectile, (55) Glican nitrate ammonia, have also been found on the plant for manufacturing IEDs booby-trapped, was dismantled the lab, and found inside the (50) of an explosive device, (10) rulers, fuse Curtis 10 meters in length (10) Mobile is intended for the bombing of contact, (40) detonation mechanism ".
The statement added that "Infantry Division X evacuated many families Anbarah displaced from terrorist Daash gangs in Albu Diab area within the northern axis of the Inbar, has been providing food and drink, and provide protection for them, and send them to private entities in Anbar operations."
The statement said it was "part of the activities Infantry Division, seventh and continued artillery band PDC hideouts of terrorist elements Daash in the eastern region of the hand-Baghdadi, killing 7 terrorists, and destroy the rocket launcher, and the burning wheel bomb proactive process in quarterly east Albouhaat area, during a duty assignment was lifting (31) of an explosive device and detonate (6) on the road to progress towards the axis of the Mohammedan hand to spend Heat ".
The statement concluded that "categorically Salahuddin operations enemy tried exposure of our units, and the crowd popular on the line to block the Lake Thar Thar, which was created after the island's security operation, has been addressing them aggressively, killing 15 terrorists from the gangs Daash terrorist." is over