National Alliance "technocrats Abadi" after the end of deadline for candidates the next few hours

Baghdad-Iraq-March 16: Prime Minister Haidar Al-Abbadi hopes to send political blocs mrshihaha names for cabinet reshuffle in the coming hours, as close to Al-Abbadi will confirm the change by selecting candidates from the Ministerial Committee set up by the Council of Ministers, in case the deadline late Wednesday, without change in the positions of the blocks, particularly in national coalition to which it belongs.

Abbadi said in a speech last week that "fundamental Ministerial change will be implemented soon and we will submit names of competent and professional Ministers to fill ministerial portfolios covered change according to constitutional frameworks and underlines the political partnership between the components of the Iraqi people and their legitimate representatives, and address the political blocs in the Chamber of Deputies and various community activities to achieve this goal."

It is likely the State of law coalition leader Sadiq frankincense could move Abbadi provide candidates if the receiving cabin names new blocks in the coming hours.

Says chewing gum as "wish to go solo in Prime Ministerial change that does not lean back to any block unless their candidates is capable of driving the Ministry."

"I think that Al-Abbadi will candidates who put before an independent Commission was set up in the Prime Minister for this purpose," adding that the "Government of technocrats would be committed to the implementation of the Government programme is necessary and commensurate with the current phase.

The same State of law mp Nazem Saadi view frankincense as supported the formation of a Government of technocrats until without blocks of candidates and said: "Al-Abbadi, both made lumps or not submitted names to continue to bring in candidates with integrity, competence and away from Parties and present them in front of the House and put him in front of the Iraqi Street and then the cluster will is hindering the reform and change."

Saidi stressed that "work continues to change and there are candidates with experience and integrity and will not wait much blocs and the Prime Minister will submit its candidates" to be "from the people of competence and professionalism, integrity and work for Iraq, not to a particular party and are many but not ystozron because of quotas.

It seems that not all the parties in the National Alliance "enthusiast" for this change where it says Deputy blocks citizen Husseini dreams: If we aspire to real Government called technocrats and possess experience and current professional will be a problem but a solution to the crisis, but if the cause of reform in the quarrelings I think it will hold political issue but supporters of reform ".

She said that "the Parliament committees to follow up within the allocated ministries and walstratigiat performance and assess the current and future Prime Ministers might this benefit Iraq."

And reduced another National Alliance to be the Government of technocrats is "real Director of the country's crises.

Haider said Mawla, "Government of technocrats rather than a real way out of the crisis", adding that "the political blocs stuck to so-called political maturity in representation in Government is forcing the Prime Minister to involve them in the process of selecting his booth".

He noted Sire, "the Prime Minister gave the masses to provide candidates and if not it will change," adding that "Abbadi told the official letter blocks and Wednesday was the end of the ultimatum given to hand over nominations, otherwise he will put forward candidates before an independent Commission Prime problem developed standards that apply to candidates.

View the National Alliance mp Razak Federation, that "the next Government will also be political even though professionals fact Prime blocks called nominations before so it relied on a political technocrat".

He explained that the "Government of technocrats is the ambition of all Iraqi people, including political blocs of Deputies but controversial about who are these candidates and what this does is political technocrats or competence".

The Federation stressed "we think it's a way out of the crisis that ministries need specialists and expertise that bring people not linked to the competence of ministries is an injustice to the work of the ministries."

Interests may be "above" political aspirations and wishes of the Iraqi people and this was confirmed by the head of State of law bloc representative Ali al-adeeb, said that "blocks of Badr and Dawa organization of Iraq and independents concerned primarily with ministerial change in State law and if there is a change in their ministries to submit replacements."
He added that these blocks "wedded to positions and not willing to change what I understood," adding: "but maybe because of the public interest and public pressure to respond to change and this possibility."

The coming hours will remain is Faisal waiting to send blocks of nominations or detect Abadi lsinairo shuffle away political rivals and even his supporters. Finished (1)