Parliamentary Integrity: there are fake companies dealing with community banks to smuggle currency abroad

March 16, 2016 7:24
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He parliamentary Integrity Committee member Abdul Karim Abtan the Committee in accordance with Article 91 of the Constitution has the arms to fight corruption, a committee revealing not have the power to investigate or arrest.
Abtan said in an interview, said that the arms of the three is the Integrity Commission and the Inspector General and the Financial Audit Department, noting that all the files referred to the judiciary, which the authority concerned to take appropriate decisions and judgments.
Abtan said that the amounts that were stolen in Iraq came through administrative and financial corruption, pointing out that the money that entered Iraq since 2003 and so far exceed eight hundred billion dollars.
He Abtan that huge sum like this, with what we assume that half of it went to the operating budget, we can in the second half to build a new Iraq of building comparable to what exists in developed countries.
He said a member of the Commission that there are fake companies operating in Iraq and deal with community banks are smuggling money out of Iraq in exchange for receipts and false invoices.