D.hmoudi: We will face strong both putting obstacles to the success of the national product to support the initiative and express regret for the ministries that did not respond and support this experience.

He showed a member of the board of the Presidency of the Council of Representatives Sheikh d. Hamoudi, lamented that the ministries did not respond and support the national product to support the initiative, stressing said , "and we will continue to face a strongly both putting obstacles to the success of this important experience." The new d. Hammoudi during his visit Cotton Industries Inc. today, demanding the prime minister to take the role of a firm and strong against the institutions to refrain from buying local product, alluding to the need for a clear and firm instructions issued for that matter, calling on the Ministry of Finance and the Integrity Commission to monitor the funds for the ministries of Foreign contractual exchange rate and the reason for not dealing with the What is local. He noted Sh. Hammoudi during his speech at the press conference held after the conclusion of his tour of the operating plants of the company cotton, we found the full readiness of the management and staff of the company that Atkfloa production and export of national products, medical, comparable to international standards, stressing that it should move away with the relationship of the impossible conditions and complexities of formal institutions prevent contracting with local factories. The face of the first deputy chairman of the Council, calling for the ministries of Displacement and migration, health, interior and defense and others to benefit from the quality and devices developed domestic equipment, from medical cotton tents , military matters and the like, pointing out that there is an urgent need for more effective cooperation and monitoring of seriousness the executive and legislative level.