Putin suddenly decide to withdraw the Russian army from Syria

Putin suddenly decide to withdraw the Russian army from SyriaOrdered Russian President Vladimir Putin and his army to begin withdrawing the main part of the Russian power in Syria , saying that Russia ‘s military intervention achieved its objectives to a large extent. Putin said during a meeting in the Kremlin with the Ministers of Defense and Foreign Russians, that the withdrawal will begin from Tuesday. He ordered the intensification of Russia ‘s role in the peace process aimed at ending the conflict in Syria. He stressed that ” the Russian side will be maintained, in order to monitor the cessation of hostilities system, to secure overflights in Syrian territory Center”, stressing that ” the Russian bases in Humaimam and Tartous will continue their work as in the past. ” Putin pointed out that the start of the withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria would be a positive impetus to the negotiation process between the political forces in Geneva. as Russian President instructed Foreign Minister” to strengthen Russia ‘s participation in the organization of the peace process to resolve the Syrian crisis. ” in the same vein, the president held Vladimir Putin telephoned, with his Syrian counterpart Bashar al – Assad affirmed during which the two sides that the truce has contributed to a sharp decline in the pace of bloodshed in Syria, and improve the humanitarian situation in the country, and create favorable to start the process of political settlement of the conflict under UN supervision conditions. He noted the two presidents to work Russian air force ” was allowed to achieve a quantum leap in the fight against the terrorists and confuse their infrastructure and causing them heavy casualties,” according to a statement released by the Kremlin. the statement disclosed that the Russian president acknowledged that the Russian armed forces have carried out major tasks assigned to it, and it was agreed to withdraw the bulk of Russian warplanes group from Syria, while keeping costly center to ensure the flights of aviation in Syria, in order to monitor the implementation of the terms of the cessation of hostilities. He noted the Syrian president, according to the Kremlin statement, professionalism and heroism Russian soldiers and officers who took part in the hostilities, and expressed deep gratitude to Russia on their significant contribution in the fight against terrorism and provide humanitarian assistance to the Syrian civilian population. He Bashar al – Assad for his country ‘s readiness to start the political process in the country as soon as possible, hoping to bear fruit of negotiations that began in Geneva between the Syrian government and opposition representatives tangible results.