Parliamentary Integrity reveal its possession evidence that "overlooked embezzlers and corrupt."

{Baghdad: Euphrates News} attributed spokesman for the Parliamentary Integrity Commission Adel Nouri, continuing corruption and lack of seriousness to fight it to enter the top of the pyramid of power in the government in the work of the board of integrity and influence judicial decisions, revealing the possession of evidence of such an intervention, which led to condone corrupt and involved embezzling public money.
He said Nuri told {Euphrates News} that "there is interference by the executive and the head of the pyramid of power work of the board of integrity and Judicial Council are befuddled work and tackle corruption , " pointing to "the presence of impartial judges and incompetent in the board integrity and judges also have integrity in theSupreme Judicial Council and investigators and sincerely, but the overall process isnot okay because there is interference by the Altnniveh power work the Authority and the process of the investigation and we have evidence of this intervention, where there are people who are accused and involved corruption, has been overlooked for their crimes and Achtlashm of money. "
promised" Tham board of integrity or eliminate not Alnzathh is not true and they can be judged that way. "
He noted" the existence of files for corrupt includes current and former names, we addressed the Prime Minister to prevent interfering with the integrity and prime ministers, and interference from the top of the pyramid, and influential in the political process to prevent these interventions are files achievement . "
He noted that" there are files belonging to the ministries of defense and industry, agriculture, internal and external , higher education and there is no institution does not have a file in the Authority because of corruption out of the issue of the case to the phenomenon. "
According fingered to the board of integrity and elimination of not being serious in dealing with corruption files, the Iraqi street is witnessing a great curse because of the continuing corruption in state institutions in the light of the economic crisis inexchange for governmental action to burden the citizen to fill the lack of funds.