Parliamentary Health: Doctors encourage anesthesia law guarantees granted Lands and allowances of 100%

BAGHDAD / JD / .. Committee announced that the parliamentary health and environment, to encourage doctors and anesthesia assistants included giving them Residential Land Law, as indicated that they are not put to physician assistants anesthesia financial allocations due to the financial crisis.
Committee Chairman MP Fares Brifkana at a news conference in the House of Representatives with the participation of members of the committee attended by "JD" "The House of Representatives voted today, a majority on encouraging doctors anesthesia and their assistants Act, to fill the large gap in this jurisdiction is important for the advancement and improve the health situation," He explained that "the law allocated lucrative financial incentives of Anesthesiologists in order to improve the health situation."
"The law guarantees give financial allocations of Anesthesiologists, practitioners and residents of 100% on the nominal salary and also a piece of residential land rewarding in Baghdad, 200 m in the center of the province, and in the centrifugal provinces," Maysan, Dhi Qar, Muthanna, 400 m, and in the rest of the provinces of 300 m. "
"The law included aides Doctors anesthesia machining land of 200 m each anesthesia assistant in Baghdad and the provinces," pointing out that "the Commission did not put the financial allocations to aides Doctors anesthesia because of the financial crisis."