Cooperative Societies .. partnership between the citizen and the state and the private sector

1503 2016
In line with the government's measures to overcome the financial crisis and achieve the goals of the Iraqi Media Network campaign «home Manajk» aimed at the integration of economic responsibility between the citizen and the state, suggested economist contrary goldsmith establishment of cooperative societies goods and foodstuffs to citizens at subsidized prices provide.

The expert urged the citizens to contribute to these associations by buying shares through a joint coordination between the state and the private sector.

He added that if the goldsmith work out, the prices must be cooperative and be present experiment in Baghdad and the provinces by an agreement with a reputable companies manage these associations to avoid nepotism and clientelism.

And know Cooperative Association: as «independent association of people who cooperate voluntarily for the social and economic benefit, and mutual cultural, as it involves cooperation society organizations and non-profit companies owned and managed by people who use its services (cooperative and consumerism).

In the same context, he said Consumer Association official (small) that the current situation in the country makes it imperative for everyone's cooperation to cross the financial crisis.

He said «morning»: The cooperation of citizens economically by establishing associations rely on voluntary work and sell goods at affordable prices can have that ease the financial crisis resulting from the decline in the sale of crude oil prices in the global markets.

In this context, he supported citizens mainstream experience of cooperative societies and work with the state to overcome the economic challenges, as an employee Abdul Rahman Mohammed said: «home needs to all shades of people in order to stand by his side and work hand in hand in order to overcome the financial crisis currently experienced by the country, so cooperation between citizens themselves and resort to cooperative societies, and not to use the money traders and owners of the current crisis heads.

The citizenship Laila al-Quraishi, referred to the importance of the complementarity of responsibility between the citizen and the state, in favor of resorting to cooperative societies as applicable in Gulf states such as Kuwait

In turn, said retired Sinan Alborznge that cooperative societies experience of not new and had been preparing landmark during the seventies, calling for a replay and the development of these commercial vehicles through the involvement of citizens out through the sale of shares so that there will be an economic partnership between the citizen and the state and companies discreet.

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