National Alliance: Abadi is seeking to form a government Tknu- sectarian!
Dated: 03/14/2016

Promised the National Alliance MP Zainab Sahlani, approached the Prime Minister of the political blocs to put up their candidates for public office as a re - quotas and keep away from radical change.
He Sahlani told / information /, that "close government reform announced by the Prime Minister a good and comprehensive in principle , but you will abide by government agencies and political blocs to apply? ".
" the Prime Minister is still approached the political blocs on the submission of candidates for ministerial posts in a cabinet reshuffle expected, and that means the return of quotas and sectarianism again and stay away from radical change desired. "
she said the " leader Sadrist Movement Moqtada al - Sadr has learned the future of reform and keeping an open mind later called the crowd to sit off the green Zone after pretending Square Tahrir and this is evidence of non - application of the alleged reforms on the ground and effective form. "
the form Abadi , an independent panel of experts to review the resumes of the candidates will submit the names after the audit and review to the Prime Minister , where there will be more than one name for each bag of technocrats to choose the most efficient and then presented to the House of Representatives.
as gave the political blocs to submit their nominations to fill government positions in a cabinet reshuffle expected until next Wednesday.